Lab & Testing Facilities

We hold all the lab and testing facilities essential for producing high quality Manganese steel castings:

Chemical Analysis
Accurate chemical analysis is ensured through Spectro lab Germany, 22 channels, considered the best in its class.

Metallurgical Testing
Metallurgical microscope with Image analyzer (Dewinter, Italy) up to 500X magnification, is available for Micro structural analysis.

Mould and Sand Testing

  • Sand UTM: We have a sand UTM which is used to check tensile, transverse & compression strength of sand moulds.
  • Sieve shaker: Sieve shaker is used for sieve analysis ensuring consistent quality of sand.
  • Scratch hardness tester: Same is used to check scratch hardness of moulds produced on daily basis.
  • Muffle furnace: Muffle furnace is used to check loss on ignition. This shall help us in calculating the salt deposition percentage on sand.

NDT (Non destructive testing)
Shri ram castech currently, has tie-ups with outsourcing vendors for NDT testing, Our outsourcing vendors are qualified and hold accreditation from NABL, the most prestigious certifying agency in India.